Lately, there’s been a huge run on patio heaters, even to the point where it’s sometimes difficult to find them in stock. More and more, due mostly to the pandemic, individuals and families are gathering outside, even in the cold months, where you’re less likely to spread germs to one another.

If you’re thinking about purchasing patio heaters for the coming winter months, maybe you’ve already looked around and thought about which type might be the best option for you. Many households opt for electric and some consider the type of outdoor heater that uses propane gas. However, there’s another option that uses clean natural gas…and that might be the right one for you.

The advantages of a natural gas patio heater

There are a number of reasons to choose a natural gas patio heater over a propane or electric heater.

  • An affordable option – Natural gas is among the most inexpensive energy sources available. If you already have gas heating in your home, you likely know that to be true. Therefore, you’ll find that you can save money by choosing this option over propane or electric.
  • Natural gas burns clean – Opting for natural gas means you won’t be smelling the fumes that you’d experience with propane patio heaters. Natural gas is clean burning and makes sitting on the patio much more pleasant since all you’ll smell is fresh air.
  • A full range of heat – Gas patio heaters produce a full range of heat immediately. That means you’ll get warm more quickly…and stay that way, which is an especially welcome perk when it gets quite cold outside. Friends will stay longer and you can even enjoy a meal outside in comfort.
  • You’ll never run out of fuel – Because natural gas patio heaters tie into your home supply of gas, you won’t ever have to worry about your heater quitting in the middle of a party or other event. With a never-ending supply of fuel, unlike a propane heater, you can flick the switch at any time and your heater will work.
  • Installation is permanent – With natural gas patio heaters, your installation company will install the unit where you want it and it stays there. There’s no need to drag it in and out of the garage or some other storage spot when you need it. It’ll always be there for you!
  • Gas heaters typically heat a larger area – The ground mounted type of natural gas heater will typically heat a bigger space than a similarly-sized propane or electric heater. That eliminates the need for additional heaters in many cases, especially if you have a large patio or backyard area you’re trying to heat during the cold months.
  • There’s a large range of sizes and styles available – With natural gas patio heaters, you’re not limited to the standing heaters that are generally standard when you choose propane or electric. Smaller natural gas units can be wall- or ceiling-mounted or you can choose full-sized, ground-mounted units for larger spaces. Select the one that’s right for your outdoor space, keeping in mind how and when you’ll be using it to determine what size or style you’ll need.

Requirements for installation

If you choose to go in this direction, you will – of course – need to have a natural gas supply line running to your property. If you do not have a gas line, a licensed professional will need to install one for you (provided access to natural gas is available in your neighborhood).

If you choose a wall- or ceiling-mounted unit, you will also need an electrical source along with a gas supply. Usually, a standard wall outlet will suffice, but you may need to check with an electrician to make sure your electrical system is up-to-date and can handle the unit without causing outages.

But are they safe?

Just like any other appliance that uses natural gas as its fuel, a gas patio heater needs to be installed and used correctly. For example, you must maintain clearance from items that could catch fire when you are deciding where to place your heater. You should also be sure to purchase a heater that is UL listed, which means it has been thoroughly tested and meets certain strict requirements and standards for safety.


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