Though summer is technically coming to an end, those of us who are avid grill masters know that grilling season can last all year long. As long as you have what it takes to stand outside and barbecue in the chilly weather AND the right tools for a good end result, you can barbecue whenever you wish.

While charcoal or propane grills are fine, have you ever considered the advantages of a natural gas barbecue? Did you even realize that having a natural gas grill is an option? It is…and it’s been the choice of many avid outdoor chefs. Here’s why!

  • You’ll never run out of fuel! There’s nothing more aggravating than clicking that igniter switch and having nothing happen because there’s no propane in your tank. And how annoying is it when the gas runs out when your ribs or chicken are only partially cooked? Or perhaps you have difficulty getting the charcoal to ignite. But you’ll never have to worry about that with a natural gas barbecue. With a natural gas hookup that connects directly to your home supply, your barbecue is always ready and you’ll never have to make trips to fill or exchange your propane tank or to purchase another bag of charcoal.
  • Natural gas is cheaper than propane. On average, natural gas costs about one-third less than propane. Check out your gas company website for the exact figures, but chances are you’ll discover that convenience isn’t the only reason for choosing a natural gas barbecue for your backyard.
  • Natural gas offers better cooking results. A natural gas grill provides a more accurate cooking temperature and foods cook more evenly as well. The end result is a better meal that’s cooked to perfection each time, regardless of what you’re cooking.
  • Natural gas is a “greener” solution to outdoor cooking. You’ll find that with a natural gas grill, emissions are safer than those released by a propane grill, making this method far better for the environment. And because it’s already connected to your home’s energy supply, that makes it a greener option as well and a win-win proposition that benefits the planet.
  • There’s less exhaust to interrupt your party. Because natural gas sends fewer fumes into the air guests at your gatherings can breathe better and will be more comfortable, even if they’re sitting close to the grill. This way, they can smell the aroma of your incredible meal rather than the stinky gas fumes from a propane tank.
  • Natural gas is safe to use. And, in addition, you know that the local utility company that supplies your natural gas is always available for emergencies should a problem arise. With propane tanks, there’s no safety back-up.
  • Setting up your natural gas barbecue is easy…when you hire the right professionals to get the job done. An experienced technician can get the gas line for your barbecue up and running in no time at all…and it’ll be ready for your next backyard soiree! The experts at BC Redi Rooter can hook up a connecting line in under an hour, in most cases. With our team of professionals on the job, you can be sure that your natural gas barbecue is set up correctly and that your home and family will be safe.

Does the idea of year-round, simple outdoor cooking sound intriguing? Are you eager to find an outdoor cooking option that’s better for the environment and for your family, too?  If so, just choose your barbecue and we can help connect it to your home’s energy supply in time for your next party. We’re also available for natural gas grill maintenance and repairs, when needed.

For more information or to schedule a consultation or installation, call BC Redi Rooter at 604-217-2268.