Your house has many different systems that work together to keep the Abbotsford rains away from where the water should not be, and direct it to where it can go. One such system is your perimeter drain, designed to keep rainwater from seeping into your basement.

 This system consists of a perforated PVC pipe which runs around the perimeter of your home. This pipe is sorrounded with a permeable mesh covering, and buried with gravel and then backfill. The mesh and gravel work to prevent dirt from clogging the pipe. The pipe is installed so it slopes away from your home, carrying the rainwater safely away from your basement and foundation.

What can go wrong?

Although the mesh and gravel work to keep dirt and debris away, overtime the system may begin to fail. Dirt and roots can clog the drain pipes, blocking the flow of water. Signs of a failing system include water entering your basement, water spots on walls, or even puddles pooling on the ground directly around your structure.

How can I maintain this system?

Drainage system maintenance and cleaning includes having a professional come and insert a camera into the system. This allows a visual inspection to see if there are any clogs forming, or any areas in which the PVC is damaged or broken. Dirt and debris can often be flushed and washed away with proper cleaning equipment. If any sections are cracked and broken, they may need to be dug up and replaced.

Catching and fixing these problem areas preemptively can prevent much more serious damage and cost in the future, should your basement flood or walls become soggy and damaged. This spring, make sure you deal with your spring perimeter drain issues by having them inspected, and maintained.