Pre-Home Purchase Camera Inspection

Most people perform a basic licensed home inspection before purchasing a home to look for any hidden or dark secrets that could haunt them in the future, not realizing that the darkest secrets are literally ‘in the dark’! These types of dark secrets that the seller may not even be aware of are usually the most expensive to fix and are the most burdensome to repair.

A typical drainage tile repair in cost alone far outweighs the cost of a brand new roof, furthermore, a sewer line problem can make a home uninhabitable for the owners and their tenants while being repaired.

Generally, building inspectors are only able to give you a general idea of what they recognize on a visual inspection, very handy, but nothing sheds light on the dark secrets under your home-like quality, well-lit camera inspections with recording capability done by a master tradesman plumber.

The happy feeling of buying a new home soon diminishes after a foundation leak, storm-water flood or backed up sewer. Sewer cameras are the most efficient and straightforward resource to inspect main sewer lines and drainage, a picture does not lie, it is what it is. We are able to use pinpoint accuracy to where the problem is to aid you in an informed purchase decision or to assist in negotiating a lower price on your home.

A pre-purchase video inspection is a great addition for a purchaser to be well informed about this major decision, and for the seller to prove their due diligence about the true condition of their home and to aid in selling for a fair market value upon proof of sewer and drainage in an OK condition.

If you’ve ever felt the unconditional necessity to look under the hood before purchasing a used car, then this is the same feeling you should have about the absolute necessity of looking under and around the drainage of your potential new home.

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