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While it might be easy to clear a minor clog in your sink, tub, or toilet with a snake or a store-bought drain cleaner, identifying and fixing larger and more complex problems in your drainage system requires a different kind of solution. For those issues, our video pipe inspection service can get the job done quickly and affordably.

Why video inspection?

Many issues with pipes and drainage systems are not visible to the naked eye. You simply can’t spot a problem that’s happening underground!

Because of this, engineers have devised ways to use cameras that can identify breaks, blockages, and other problems that can obstruct water flow and/or create occasional or recurring back-ups. To avoid damage to your property, it’s essential for these issues to be identified and fixed as quickly as possible.

With CCTV video inspection, a camera with a large transmitter is pushed through the line until it recognizes the blockage or break. At that point, repair personnel will know where to excavate to address the problem. The use of this tool allows homeowners to save both time and money involved with identifying the cause of a blockage, flood, leak, or other problem with their drainage system because it can quickly identify the problem.

The video inspection camera can also be used for routine maintenance on your pipes. Homeowners who are diligent about the care of their drainage system avoid surprises that can arise when cracks become breaks or small clogs become major ones. Budgeting for routine pipe inspections means you’ll catch those small issues before they develop into big problems, saving the money that you’ll be required to spend on emergency repairs or replacements.

Breaks and clogs can also result in damage that requires timely repairs that may require you leave your home until the work is done. That’s more time and money wasted and more stress for you and your family.

If you’re concerned about the state of your pipes, consider a video pipe inspection. For more information about our affordable and accurate video service, whether you need to address an immediate concern or simply want to be sure your pipes are in good working condition, contact the pros at BC Redi Rooter to schedule an appointment.

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