Today, plumbing and technology go hand in hand. In sewer cleaning the self-leveling, color, head video camera reel along with the drain cleaning machine have become one of the most indispensable tools in the plumbers van today. Drain inspection technology helps us before, during and after we have cleaned out the blockage.

Before we clean a drain the camera can tell us how far away the start of the blockage is and what it may be, helping us choose the right tools to use and heads to put down the line. After completing the drain cleaning job, a camera is again put down the sewer to shed some light on the final result, this video recording can be stored for future reference and to guarantee that this problem is remedied. The result is a new like free flowing pipe and a good night’s sleep.

Some additional features that make these cameras shine are line transmitters and locators. Sometimes a drain cleaning machine in unable to clear a drain but will pull up evidence of roots or a break. It is not always in the home owners’ budget to repair the whole sewer line, so a spot repair is in order, but where to dig, where is the exact spot?

BC Redi-Rooter Ltd Plumbers carry transmitters and line locators to pinpoint the exact location. A transmitter is attached to the camera reel, then a signal is induced through to the camera head. Then a specialized receiver is used to trace the underground pipe to the problem location. We follow the signal path, then mark the spot and the depth of the problem. This technology saves countless hours of guesswork and digging. The repair is able to be made at the spot of the problem.

Ridjid camera BC Redi-Rooter Ltd has been to many emergency sewer backups where different plumbing companies had just snaked the drain a few days earlier, but did not do a camera inspection, leaving the homeowner with a false sense of the job being completed. A sewer is not cleaned until you can see that it is cleaned right to the road! Only a camera inspection can do that.