With the approach of summer and warm days and evenings comes the return of barbecue season. This year may be the perfect time to give your outdoor barbecue a refresher, and consider having an Abbotsford gas fitter install a new gas barbecue to replace your old propane one. Here are four reasons to choose a gas barbecue over propane.

Never Run Out

The first reason to choose gas over propane is because you will never risk running out of natural gas. The worst thing that can happen is being in the middle of cooking beautiful steaks and suddenly running out of fuel. No one wants to stop cooking to drive to a fill station to refill the empty tank.


Speaking of driving to a fill station, this leads into the second reason to choose gas – convenience. With natural gas you never have to worry about making sure your tanks are full, or finding a place to fill up your tanks for you. With natural gas, you always have the gas right there and ready to go.


Natural gas is also much cheaper than propane. Although natural gas does have some upfront costs to have a line installed, once you are up and running the long term costs are much cheaper. Not only is the cost per BTU cheaper, but you also do not need to worry about replacing expensive expiring tanks, and the gasoline and time costs driving to do this.

More Green

Finally, natural gas is more green than propane. While both are fairly clean burning options, natural gas does burn even cleaner than propane. With natural gas you also do not have the environmental impact of manufacturing the metal tanks, and energy costs associated with recycling these. Overall natural gas is greener.

For these reasons, this may be the year to switch your grill over to a new, natural gas option. If you do not have a natural gas line already available, make sure you contact BC Redi-rooter to schedule a professional to install it for you.