We work closely with home restorations services in the event of damage caused by flooding.  This damage is usually caused by ruptured water heaters, broken water pipes or leaking drain lines.  In addition to addressing the cause of the leak, we must also assess damage to plumbing and heating equipment,  and write the report for the insurance company. 

Floods can come from multiple causes, including blocked sewers such as this one, which flooded a new home.

Furnace damage is very common in this scenario.  When water enters the furnace cabinet, the high-powered fan will pick up the water and spray it throughout the furnace,  causing many problems.  We often see electrical damage,  particularly at the control circuit board.  When the board short-circuits due to water,  it sometimes causes sporadic operation of the furnace; but in many cases the furnace will cease to work until the circuit board is replaced.  

Upon repairing this sort of electrical damage, another problem usually manifests after replacing the board.  The electric current can now make it to other components of the furnace that could not be tested until the board was replaced.  This is where we learn of other electrical parts that have been damaged,  and it becomes necessary to go back to the insurance company to authorize further repairs. 

Flood-damaged hot water tank

 In addition to electrical damage, water can also damage the furnace’s heat exchanger – the barrier between the air in your home and the furnace exhaust.  This damage can be in the form of a crack from the rapid temperature change when the water hits, or it can happen more slowly in the form of rust.  When compromised, this can allow exhaust into your home, presenting a carbon monoxide hazard.

 In light of these issues, we have now seen that insurance companies are beginning to authorize replacement over repair. It is the only way to ensure the damage is completely dealt with,  and that the home occupants are safe.  We have the experience to speak with insurance adjusters and advocate for the safety of the homeowner.  If you have experienced flooding in your home – regardless of the cause – call us today to assess the damage to your plumbing and heating system.  We will do what is necessary to ensure that you can get back to your normal life,  and have peace of mind.