Hot water tank expansion tank

Be patient and wait for water in tank to cool!

bradford-white-model-m45036fbnHow to Drain a Hot Water Tank

First turn off the gas, electricity or whatever fuel source you are using!

Before you start make sure that you have allowed the heat of the water inside the tank to dissipate to a safe working temperature, by mixing cold water into it with the gas or electricity turned off!

Do I need several tools to drain my hot water tank?

No you do not need a bunch of tools to drain you tank, unless your tank is below grade and you have no way of pumping the water up and out of the building. Just remember to be very careful and to cool the water down completely before starting.

Can anything go wrong when draining a hot water tank?

Yes, there are many things that can go wrong when draining a hot water tank, but don’t be discouraged. Hot water tanks are designed to be drained, serviced and maintained. From our experience, check to see what type of drain valve you have and where the tank was made. If the drain valve is plastic, or the tank was made in Mexico, the draining of the tank is going to be much more difficult, even for a seasoned pro.

Drain Down Steps

Turn off power or fuel source

Cool off water in tank by opening some hot water taps while allowing cold water to enter tank until it cools off to a safe working temperature

Gently turn off water to hot water tank

Securely attach non-kinked garden hose to tank, check to ensure that garden hose gaskets are in good shape

Run other end of garden hose to a suitable location for draining possible rusty water

Gently and slowly open the drain valve, do not force it. If tank is not draining you may have waited too long to service your water heater and too much rust or debris has accumulated above the drain line clogging the passageway.

Wait! Now you just have to be patient. It can take a long time to completely drain a hot water heater, especially if has been more than a year. Good Luck, and be safe!

If you need any assistance with your hot water heater service, repair or replacement, call BC Redi-Rooter Ltd Plumbing, Heating, Gas and Drain Cleaning