Backflow testing, backflow repair, backflow replacement

What is a backflow preventer?

A Backflow Preventer is a mechanical device operated by spring-loaded check valves. These devices may be installed on your irrigation system, fire system, water meter, or domestic.

Why is one needed?

A backflow preventer prevents potable water from cross-connection contamination.

Why must backflow preventers be tested on a minimum yearly basis?

Backflow devices must be frequently tested because backflow devices are spring-loaded and mechanical devices that do malfunction and wear out. Backflow can be very harmful to humans.

Who may test backflow devices?

Only a certified and active tester certified by the BC Water & Waste Association, may test backflow devices.

Who may service, install and repair backflow preventers?

Service, installation and repair of Backflow assemblies must only be done by a licensed plumber with an additional license in cross-connection control.