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Poly B Piping

Poly-B Polybutylene, Poly-B, piping was removed from the market in 1998 and some homes will have it up until the 1990’s. It was used almost exclusively between 1978 till the early 90’s because of poly-b’s inexpensive installation cost compared with copper piping. If you have Poly B piping, your home is at risk of catastrophic […]

How Much Water is too Much?

How much water is too much? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), average North American families with four in a home use about 1500 liters of water daily. This does not include irrigation and gardening. 70% of our water use comes from our homes. According to National Geographic we are using 7500 liters of […]

Cast Iron and clay Piping

Cast Iron and clay Piping Cast iron and clay piping can last fifty years and more when installed correctly and is not abused. Cast iron, when exposed, can easily be checked for deterioration or wear. Depending on how the pipe was manufactured and installed will also help to determine how fast it will wear. Seamless […]

Plumbing Camera Inspections

Today, plumbing and technology go hand in hand. In sewer cleaning the self-leveling, color, head video camera reel along with the drain cleaning machine have become one of the most indispensable tools in the plumbers van today. Drain inspection technology helps us before, during and after we have cleaned out the blockage. Before we clean […]

Thermal Expansion and Water Heaters

Thermal Expansion and how it affects your water heater. What is Thermal Expansion? Thermal expansion is a word describing the science of water expanding in volume as it heated. How does thermal expansion negatively affect your tank type water heater? There are several ways that thermal expansion is detrimental to your water heater. Most steel […]

Dangerous Cross Bores

Plumbing Cross bores in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland Our plumbers at BC Redi-Rooter Ltd are leading the way in cross bore safety, safely clearing your main sanitary sewer lines and storm drains in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland by strictly following the newer regulations set out by Fortis BC, BC […]

Experience Saves Home from Disaster

IMG_0401Today B.C. Redi-Rooter Ltd. was called out for a seemingly uneventful low water pressure in kitchen faucet and one bathroom tap call. This was the call that saved a family’s home, health and possibly lives. Upon arriving at the home and questioning the homeowner about the pressure problem, I headed for the kitchen ready to […]

Water Damage Tips

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, water damage is the leading cause of personal property claims in Canada. Less than an inch of water can cause significant damage to your home and financial well-being and even that little water cause real problems by producing hidden black mold. Water can also damage the structural integrity […]

Bathroom Odor

A common homeowners question is, “why does my bathroom sink smell badly, I always keep it clean?”. Bathroom odor is no laughing matter. Here is a simple checklist. Make certain that you have a P-Trap properly installed under your sink. P-Traps create a water seal between your home and all the nasty and dangerous sewer […]

Clogged Drain

The warning signs and gifts offered by slow moving drains. Slow drains and poor flushing toilets are a classic sign of problems to come. Sometimes bad smells can accompany the slow drain. The knowledge of which drain or toilet is having the slowdown can be a huge gift if you nip the problem in the […]