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Four Reasons to Choose a Gas Barbecue Over Propane

With the approach of summer and warm days and evenings comes the return of barbecue season. This year may be the perfect time to give your outdoor barbecue a refresher, and consider having an Abbotsford gas fitter install a new gas barbecue to replace your old propane one. Here are four reasons to choose a […]

Lower Mainland Spring Plumbing Checklist

As the weather warms and last frosts disappear, it is time to look forward to spring maintenance. As you get ready for the spring rains and summer weather, it is important to follow a Spring plumbing checklist. If you have been searching for residential plumbers in Abbotsford by looking for a “plumber near me” you […]

Spring Perimeter Drain Issues

Your house has many different systems that work together to keep the Abbotsford rains away from where the water should not be, and direct it to where it can go. One such system is your perimeter drain, designed to keep rainwater from seeping into your basement.  This system consists of a perforated PVC pipe which […]

Benefits of Video Pipe Inspections for Lower Mainland Homes

You may not think about your drain and sewer lines every day, but they are constantly working to make sure that waste water, rain water, and other substances are carried away. When these systems do not work as they should, you may find yourself suddenly in need of emergency plumbing, as water and other debris […]

How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home

With so many choices and types of water heaters available, choosing the right one for your Abbotsford or Mission home can be a difficult decision. You want to ensure that it will not only supply enough hot water for you and your family, but do so efficiently to stay affordable with rising energy costs. Types […]

Why Choose Natural Gas for Your BC Home?

Why choose natural gas for your BC home? Answer: Natural gas is versatile, cost-effective, and clean. Natural gas is the preferred energy source for many BC homes for a number of great reasons. Natural gas can be used for heating your home, cooking, heating your water, and a number of other uses. Here are some […]

How Do You Know if You Need a New Hot Water Tank?

Having a working hot water tank is vital for day-to-day living. The average person utilizes on-demand hot water approximately 20 times per day – this puts into perspective the average use of an in-home hot water tank and its importance to the household. It is common knowledge that you should replace your hot water tank […]

Is a Tankless Water Heater the Best Choice for Me?

On Demand water heaters, sometimes known as tankless water heaters, are becoming very popular for residential homes. A tankless heater does not heat a large amount of water and keep it hot, instead it very quickly heats water as it is needed. Most tankless water heaters are high-efficiency and direct vented. Many different tankless heater […]