How much water is too much?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), average North American families with four in a home use about 1500 liters of water daily. This does not include irrigation and gardening. 70% of our water use comes from our homes.

According to National Geographic we are using 7500 liters of water daily with watering our lawns and washing our cars in our driveways, this number does not include water you are using outside the home for drinking or eating out. This is well over twice the global average.

Why save water?

Our freshwater ecosystems need us to start helping to restore them. Our fresh air ecosystems can’t handle the Green House Gas created that we are pumping into them through the energy used in the delivery and sanitation of fresh water to our homes and the inevitable disposal of and treatment of water leaving the home (sewage). Of course, cutting down on your water bill is a nice incentive as well.

Where is most water used in the home?

The bathroom uses up most of the water in your home. In our bathrooms the toilet alone uses approximately 25% of all household water use. Turning off the bathroom faucet while brushing your teeth could save you more than 750 liters of water monthly. Change your shower head to one of our approved water saving shower heads and you could save more than 100 liters of water per 5 minute shower, which also can help to eliminate one Kilogram of Green House Gas emissions.

How can BC Redi-Rooter Ltd help me save water?

BC Redi-Rooter Ltd is an accredited Green Plumbing Company and a member of the BC Green Chamber of Commerce. We can help evaluate your water habits and usage. We can also assist in choosing proven water conserving fixture and tools. Let us help you change the way you think of water.  Clogged Drain