It’s already getting chilly in BC and we’ve started thinking about warm sweaters, downy comforters, drinking cocoa with marshmallows, and – of course – listening to logs crackling on a fire on a cold night.

It’s true that many people absolutely love winter, with its finger-tingling temperatures and beautiful snowy days, but – even if winter IS your favorite season – it’s likely you also love the opportunity to warm up by the fire after spending time outside in the cold.

If you already have a fireplace or two in your home, lucky you! But if you don’t, maybe you’ve been thinking about installing one. Or if you already have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, perhaps you’ve thought about making the change to a gas unit, which offers a number of benefits that you won’t get from a log-burning fireplace.

Here’s some food for thought. Grab a cup of warm tea and consider these benefits of gas fireplaces.

  1. The heat is continuous – While log-burning fireplaces are certainly attractive, you must keep tending to them in order for the fire (and the heat) to continue. You’re always adding a log, stoking the flames, and more, just to keep the warmth in the room. And then there’s the whole thing about getting the fire started, which is difficult for some. With a gas fireplace, because you’re getting a constant flow of natural gas from your home’s supply line, you never have to worry about the fire “dying”.
  2. Super simple operation – Literally, gas fireplaces can be turned on with just one click of a switch. No wood is required, so you’re not purchasing, stacking, and storing it, which can be costly and time-consuming. You don’t need time to “set up” the kindling; your gas fireplace comes on as soon as you hit the button. Furthermore, some units have remote control options, which means you can turn them on from the comfort of your recliner while sipping your hot chocolate and watching your favorite holiday movie.
  3. Offers more warmth – Log-burning fireplaces are nice but, often, you need to get close to the fire to actually feel the intensity of the heat. That’s not the case with natural gas fireplaces. With a gas unit, statistics show that an estimated 75 to 95 percent of the fuel’s energy is given as heat, compared to 10 to 30 percent for wood fireplaces. Some models also include a blower, which allows for even better heat circulation.
  4. More kid- and pet-friendly – It’s scary when a little one wanders too close to a wood-burning fireplace. All sorts of hazards can harm children as well as pets. Open flames, flying sparks, toxic fumes. You won’t get any of those with a natural gas fireplace. While it’s still essential to keep your children and pets safe, you can feel less stressed about a gas unit.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly, too – Natural gas fireplaces, as we previously mentioned, don’t release fumes and soot into the air. That means it’s not only better for your family but for the environment in general. So, if being a good steward of the planet is important to you, a gas fireplace is a logical choice.
  6. Adds value to your home – While wood fireplaces can up your home’s value, some potential buyers might actually see them as a liability. Many homeowners don’t want to do the work it takes to create a fire, and these types of fireplaces can also be drafty and let cold air into the house. With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about drafts AND your home value should be higher with gas units in place.
  7. Installation is easy and affordable – It’s not difficult to have a gas fireplace installed in just about any room in your home, even if there isn’t one there now. You won’t even need a chimney. You can also convert an old wood-burning fireplace to a gas unit with relative ease. And the cost isn’t exorbitant either!
  8. Maintenance is simple – Like all things in your home, you’ll want to make sure that your gas fireplace remains in good condition. BC Redi Rooter can offer a basic maintenance package for your unit that won’t cost an arm and a leg, including wiring and seal inspection, flame safety analysis, testing for leaks, glass cleaning, and more.

If you’ve considered installing a gas fireplace, wish to convert a wood fireplace to a gas unit, or would like to know more about maintaining your current unit, please give us a call at 604-217-2268 to speak to one of our experts or to schedule an appointment.